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New demo up- Thank me Later

There is a sass in it that I like. Basically it’s about the mistress breaking it of with the “taken” man and just telling him “hey, this is a damn good thing, but thank me later, you twat.” It’s a definite candidate for LFS (Letters from Scarlet) as this is certainly the Scarlet woman leaving a message. It’s supposed to be a duet, so the dark harmony in the chorus is NOT meant to be sung by me, just so you know. I know my range and where it stills sounds good singing lead and this is slightly past it šŸ˜‰

Lyrics: it’s all so waterproof, nobody told you what to do, you just figured it out on your own- Your breaks could kill in water spill but you figured it out on your own-
Chorus: Please thank me Later, there’s just so much I can take. Te-hee I separate her, and I pay for my mistakes I said a whoa! (You can say what you want, you can say anything, you can say what you want I guess you’re my mistake then)
-It’s all so ultrasafe, nobody goes to waste, did you figure that out on your own?- Black cotton, buns of steel, walk straight in your high heels could’ve figured that out on my own- Chorus – You’ve got your life vest on, jump ship and now you’re gone, go figure – Chorus

There are some live instruments in here, but if recorded it’s gonna be all real, at least that’s what I’m aiming for. Piano, bass, clav, drums, some guitar.


Cool cover coming soon as well! šŸ™‚


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