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Importance of saying no

I don’t think I’ve ever cancelled a gig. There’s a first time for everything.

It just turned out that a previous arranger had forgotten all about the event, and instead of appologizing the arranger was blaming us! “I haven’t talked to you, you haven’t called me”. This simply wasn’t true, I did several, at least three follow ups, with questions and details and definite words like “we confirm this date”. I’ve always had a bit of a phone phobia (shy artists, ey? More common than uncommon) leading me to remember phone calls and what’s been said. And it wasn’t just me. Several musicians joining me for the event tried to get hold of the arranger. “There have been no phone calls to me, I always call back. You can’t have talked to me.”

So we made a common decision. Had there been an inkling of an apology and some commitment to the cause we might have gone through with it (we gave it and the place pretty good publicity). But we needed to make a statement here. We’re not gonna play if you’re not gonna make an effort.

And we’ve done crappy gigs. We’ve done badly paid, we’ve carried a great deal of the weight and we’ve been the soul cause of some of these events even happening. But we’ve never been quite this badly treated. And music is a privvy, for us to some extent but also for the ones we grace with the music. So sometimes, just sometimes, when it goes to extremes, we just have to say no. Hey, I have to say no, personally, too.

So remember. As an artist, yes, there’s gonna be a lorra shit to put up with, but there are limits even here. Say no when it’s gone too far.


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