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New Archetype: Joanna

To understand archetypes, you might have to go a little deeper than light weight entertainement. Just to understand what I’m writing. But simply put: They are extreme versions, emotions, of what you encounter in real life. Made up almost entirely of emotions,  my personal archetypes are the ones I encounter when I go to that other world I’ve talked about, the world where artists flee, and they naturally get names from my view of the world and it’s history and my experiences and so on. It’s a hard concept to grasp, I know, but I also know a lorra my fans are willing.

Joanna is a new one. We’ve got Florence; emotional, neurotic, nurturing. We’ve got Mary, warrior queen speaking for the warrior queen/king in all of us. Sofia, knowledge, cold facts. Sofia literally meaning “knowledge”. And Sarah, ancient wisdome. An archetype hard to channel as I am only 29 this month.

And then we’ve got Joanna. To know Joanna you might need my history. My full name is Maria Johanna Anita Bohm. Johanna is a name picked out of thin air by my parents. They wanted to name me Johanna originally, but as I was born Johnsen, they thought of the reprocussions. I’d be called JoJo. So they went with the old family name Maria, a second name for generations, but never a given name. A royal, biblical and strong name, and I’m happy with it no matter. But not what they wanted from the start.

You might argue that they went with what “others” would think, and that Maria is more symbolic of living up to expectations. But I’m not going that deep. I’m only going as deep as parents. Their hopes and dreams for you. The defintion of perfection. It’s what affects us the most. So to me, Joanna is what is hard to live up to. Our image of perfection. What we are always chasing. Perfection according to the world, but really, in the end, according to our parents.

We chase Joanna. We chase what our parents wanted us to be growing up. It’s what makes it so hard to resist social standards and norms, as long as they are the same as what we were raised with. I’m not blaming only parents here (calm down mom, and dad up there in the afterlife), it just so happens that school and all the other social influences we’ve had often melt together with our parents views. They don’t wanna be left outside, none of us do, and in its duality they conform with eachother. And honestly? It can all be both good and bad. Joanna is not a bad guy. Just a perfect image. Hard to live up to 100%. I made Joanna a person cause she’s easier to see through that way. Some of us learn the hard way, I went through 2 excellent years of therapy to see that what I considered the absolute truth and perfection isn’t necessarily just that. We are all human. And we all chase Joanna, but can’t live up to her all the way. There’s just no way. And we have to learn that through life and hardships and happy times. So Joanna is my new archetype. Expect to see more of her in songs coming your way.

And the male part of me? If I was a boy I’d be called Sebastian. So watch this space… 😉


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