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The West Pride performance :)

Oh yeah, there’s a surprise treat for you in the middle!

All in all it went well but I can do better. I had basically no monitor (audio onstage so you can hear yourself and what you’re playing and singing). I’ve learned from this not to be a typical timid woman (born and raised y’know) and instead demand proper monitor. Because sound was stressed out and not communicating, something I’ve comfortably gotten used to. Plus virtually no soundcheck, something I’ve comfortably gotten used to as well 😉 . The best course of action would’ve been to, between songs, like the hiphop man act before me, raise my voice to sound booth and say: “Up the monitors, up song and piano” til I was completely satisfied. Tight packed program or no, a few, maybe at the most up to thirty seconds that would’ve made the performance go one up.

So yeah, I’d say, I can do one up on both piano, song and inbetween chat, I was just a bit floored and a bit too wimpy I think. Gig and learn! 😀

Still a supercool crowd and supercool reactions to my little surprise treat. You can’t see this in the video, but the glasses lit up and flashed and blinked ;D Aren’t you curious now? 🙂

Afterwards we wen’t out for post celebration food and of course, we joined the crowd at Andra Långdagen for that. Oh, maaan, Gothenburg was chaos yesterday! 😀 Extra thanks, not forgetting my brilliant bass lady Silja and human metronome Robin, to Lottie and Saga for drawing art on my body and making it pretty. And keeping our little crew good company! 🙂


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