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Rock of Ages

For some reason age has come up a lot in the past couple of weeks. No reason, it’s just one of those topics that has been popping up a little extra.

Like when I got ID:d in the store and the cashier laughed at how much extra there was on those 18 yrs. And I’m thinking to myself (yes, I took the compliment too, not from my values, but from her intent) “hey wait a minute! First of all; I think 18 yr olds can look like 40 and vice verca, and second of all… hey… I’ve got hopefully at least 50 more years to buy 18+ stuff, there are ages a lot further from it (meaning a lot more surprising to ID me on) than 10 yrs!” I mean, yes, compliment first and foremost. But if 28 is the new “old” as some suggest and this little hint implies, then people are in for a boring life. Get it all done now, then crawl into a hole and live there the remaining 50 yrs. Sounds exciting. No thanks.
Cashier lady is not a smashing or even clear example of this, but the event did set the sparks wheels going in the brain again. Honestly, a lot of us are too young to get that we are. Hanging with enough people 20 yrs my senior, I’ve had a slap and a wake up call myself at how we don’t really become old as early as we think ourselves. To give you some perspective. 5-year-olds think 12-year-olds are grown-ups. We can’t fathom age yet. We are way too young 😉

And here’s the kicker. Tori Amos face shock-a-block full of what can only be described as disfiguring botox. She can put a tail in the middle of her face and grow an ass in her neck for all I care. I want her music, not her look, albeit the fact that she was a beautiful woman. But it does disappoint me on another level.

In her autobiography, Piece By Piece, she had this brilliant paragraph on age. We are so afraid of ageing nowadays because we have no-one to show us the way. We used to respect our elders because they respected themselves. We don’t nowadays because they teach us not to. In our mid-twenties, we look to the mature men and women to show us the way. And all they wanna do is look like us. It’s confusing. How are we supposed to know where to go if our elders keep going backwards saying they want to be like us? That being us is the only cool, wonderful thing? Of course we’re gonna be dead afraid of getting older!
I thought it was so spot on! And hey presto, three years later she’s puffing up her face to chase her mid-twenties. Tori, you are still my hero, but when it comes to this, I’m gonna try not to take your path.

As I get older, I’ll try to love every year in the now. Look forward to becoming smarter, cooler, more myself, beautiful. Show those girls in their mid-twenties how absolutely awesome and wonderful and not scary it is, and that beauty is not only defined by them staying where they are. Sorta have to do it for myself now, I know I’m upper-twenties myself 😉 Pleaaase join me, or give me examples of lovely leaders of different ages, owning where they are!

Tori Amos
Tori Amos before and after

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
Halle Berry. 46. Looks her age. Absolutely stunning

37-year-old boys calling themselves old-man-rockers are kinda cute. Come back when you’ve stuffed every poison in your body known to man and the closest thing to ever kill you is a falling coconut.

Johnny Depp. 50 and smoking hot.

Meta Velander. 89-year-old stunning and still-going-strong  Swedish actress. Conicidentally related to me 🙂 (grandma’s cousin) so I guess I do have a role model here 😀


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