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Shopping post!

Well, gorra have a few of those, don’t I?

While record stores are dying breeds, the few that are left are pretty awesome and probably won’t kick the bucket (knock on wood) for a good while. They have music nights, books, performances, magazines and cheap records and vinyls, not to mention an awesome vibe. One of them is Bengans in Gothenburg, Stigbergstorget.

Going to Gothenburg to cheer up a friend, I decided on the two-birds-one-stone approach (god, that’s so horrible, I like birds as the Eels would say) and go to Bengans as part of a day out. And even though you go slightly blind in there and can come out going “heeey, where did half of my money go?” you still come out very happy, and the result of your shopping certainly keeps your mood elevated ’til the next paycheck.

What I like about Bengans, apart from having EVERYTHING in a vinyl alternative and cheap exciting books, is that when you’re all pooped and have those few pennies left, you can go for a coffee and some buns in that very awesome, music smelling (y’all know what I mean if you love records like me) environment.

Amanda Palmers “Theatre is Evil” packaged beautifully went straight to the friend. My wee circle is pretty old school when it comes to music. You can’t package MP3’s nicely, nor sit and read a sleeve with lyrics while listening, and just simply… yeah… well… smell the music. Of course we try to keep ourselves updated, working in the entertainement industry and loving more music than we could ever afford in all physical record form, but we mix it up nicely.

Some insence sticks and cute things from Kawaii shop of course snuck their way into our bags, but that’s another story. This little doozy is me recommending at least a couple of visits a year to lovely Bengans, keep the music going! 🙂



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