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Rehearsal Time!

And so it begins! It feels like I’ve been waiting ages, and in a way I have. The first gigs 2013 have been me and the piano, as it’s mostly events needing artists at that time, while the big live concerts start around april/may. I think it’s awesome either way, solo or with the band, but I ALWAYS have fun at band rehearsals. Experimenting and getting response, listening to the band developing the sound babies with me and oh yeah, the coffee breaks!

It’s the usual; bass, drums, piano, vocals, we’re pondering flute, and you’re gonna hear some new stuff as I get to play with the Boss! The vocalperformer effects, that is! Of course present at rehearsal, still some button practice to be done, I am playing it at the same time as the piano so it’s a new challenge but, dude, fuuun toy! πŸ˜€ I get to sound like Barry White if I wanna! πŸ™‚

Yep, it’s really about finetuning yourself. Maybe you don’t need to add more instruments, or complicated riffs, although you can! We all develop in our art, and usually our brain is good at telling us how and when we’re ready.

There might be more than the boss, find out by catching me at West Pride, june 1st.



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