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She’s got the look…

I do have some nice music updates, but I thought I’d make this post inbetween as it has taken up a lot of my thought. Starting to follow feminist pages such as Supersnippan and A girl’s guide to taking over the world on Facebook, as well as Kvinnohat on Instagram has given me a lot of hope. I had a hard time finding these pages at first, and when I eventually did it was like “whoah, yeah, I’m not alone”. For those of you who haven’t gotten this yet: a feminist stance is a bit of a lonely stance in general, and although I hang out with friends who get it (some I have even turned ;D) it’s nice to see a big community of people with these viewpoints. And they have woken me up to another phenomenon;

The media coverage of men and women. Men: achievement, Women; looks. And honestly, it’s ridicolous. Choose between the headlines anyday and you’ll see it too.

Take the coverage of Heidi Klum. “Heidi Klum suffers nip slip while saving nanny and son from drowning.” First of all: oh noooes, a nipple, like they’re an unnatural body part and guys don’t have ’em out all the time while bathing. Second of all… What?!! I mean WHAT!!!?Ā I don’t even think I need to comment. I don’t think you need even one of the many levels of wrong here. If you do, please send me a message and I’ll explain as calmly as I can. Allz I know is: Heidi, you’re one awesome woman.

And then we have the obsession with the look of Britney Spears some odd five years ago. What she weighs, how she dresses and that imfamous hair incident. Was she releasing a lot of music at the time? No. Was she a newlywed adjusting to motherhood and pregnancies? Yes. Were all of the photos and the critiquing comments posted about her time off? Yes. Lets be honest, she worked out for the few videos she released and even though she wasn’t the muscle stick figure she was during for example the “Stronger” video, she still looked a hell of a lot better and was in better shape than 90% of the people and magazines that complained. And comments about how she looks on her time off? NOT OK! She’s not working, she has no responsibility to dress up, be in shape or look good for the paparazzis she didn’t ask for. And the hair shaving? A deeply disturbed girl, naturally responding to all the shit that thas happened to her over the years, acting in a way that you can’t with good conscience blame her for, nor do you in any way have the right to have an opinion about the new hairdo.

I do realize it’s a line of work. But your responsibility is to have the fitting esthetics and give your audience a visual experience while you’re working. It’s not even about weight (Adele) or hair (Sinead O Connor) but about providing the peoplez with an image that compliments the music/art. Did these women do these things while working? No? Then sod off! What also strikes me as off is that the men in the same profession do NOT have to worry about ending up on “Worst dressed” lists nor do they get critisized for what the pap camera catches except for in very extreme cases. If it ever happens in the male world, the ratio man/woman is still absolutely ridoncolous.

I do excersize insanely before videos and shoots and gigs, mostly because I’m a big fan of the muscles and I want them while I perform/act/pose, partly because running on the treadmill while singing surely prepares my lungs for an extrordinary performance. I have a routine inbetween as well, although not as tough, because honestly, I wouldn’t be able to cope with the extra big sessions if I didn’t have a foundation. It also keeps my body more open and my posture right, important for my wellbeing, that and my shoulders need looking after, again for my health. So I’m never quite as fit as tour-Maria or EP-Maria. Something that led to the comment today, while someone was looking at me, then my album cover: “Must be photoshop”. I was just floored. Would that someone dare say that to a man?

Well, it made me remember I wanted to make this post. So enjoy. And remember to have a look in your fav news paper. How many segments on women’s achievements and how many on men’s looks?

still rocking slack and pregnancy better than you

Probably rocking shaved head better than you

Deffo rocking music videos better than you!

Rocking curves and muscles and guinea pig and rabbit


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  1. Realitycheck ⋅

    “I do excersize insanely before videos and shoots”. Seriously? šŸ™‚ in your last video? Looking pretty sleazy

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