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The mythology of music

You may have noticed I take quite an interest in mythology and apply it to videos, artwork, and even put it in the songs at times.

It’s really all about studying all the little prisms of what I am doing. Music in itself is a form of mythology, a stronger expression of human experiences such as love, depression, hapiness, anger, fighting spirit, encounters etc etc.

The myth/phenomena of possession is all about the little demons we let in, the voices we listen to, more often than not, especially with women, negative ones. Even the studiers of possession, treating it as a real phenomena, and I’m open minded, say it’s not possible to get possessed if you don’t believe those first little voices, the demon grooming you by feeding your fears. Real or not, our bad self confidence lets it in.

And I’m sinking my teeth into (pardon the pun) the history of vampires at the mo’. Who among us doesn’t know a person or several who seem to feed off of making others feel bad and inadequate, “taking their blood/mojo/life force”? Throughout history, vampires haven’t always sucked the literal blood, but they have taken health/energy and drained their surroundings. I mean, the history of this myth (or truth) is not without importance. It’s people’s way of explaining phenomenons through supernatural or divine forces. It’s reality amplified. Just like songwriting. One of the first famous vampire novels was inspired by a real person, Lord Byron, who apparently was very self-involved, energy draining and not a very good friend to have around.

Godessess and gods at the time they were still human, ancient Greece, Rome and so on, are the archetypes of human emotion and reactions. Put in divine form, they are very much human, so much that they become a much moodier and magical version of a being than man could ever be. Demeter causing changes of seasons because of her strong love for her daughter. Aphrodite as a sensual force loved as soon as seen/felt. Zeus, the almighty, so mighty that, well… he’s a bit of an arse and a horn dog. Worst horn dog I’ve heard of, Gene Simmons, you’ve got nothing on him!

And if I wanna take you as an audience to another world, well, then I’d better read up on the creatures I might encounter with you, right? The myths are, much like my songs, a phantasy form of life. Some reality, lots of magic. I’d say it’s very much my job to read up on them. If nothing else, believing in this or not (and I’ve made no secret of my open mind), it does give a valuable insight into human psychology. What do we need to explain? What form of escape do we all need? What shape do our thoughts, emotions and life changes take?

I am still figuring it out. I think we all are.


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