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Rough work, Les Miserables

Went to see Le Miserables yesterday with Tuss, a big fan of the musical. You knew something was gonna happen when she grabbed your knee, and it got your adrenaline flowing. How tiny was Eponine’s waist? :O It was brilliant. I mainly went to see it to enjoy a musical without autotune, and where the actors sing while filming, an old school concept lost on the likes of Across The Universe, Rock of Ages and Moulin Rouge. I used to love Moulin Rouge before I got that autotune ear, now it sounds pretty horrible.

Sure, Russel Crowe sang through his nose and throat, horrible singing technique and he was the absolute worst of them all, but it still sounds better than autotune!

Pity really on Rock of Ages, Tom Cruise had taken months and months of proper singing lessons and could belt it out more than Bruce Dickinson (who is good, no matter what I think of Maiden), and you could tell he had researched how an aging glam rocker moves, walks and talks. The autotune really messed it up, it was a brilliant performance. I have a Tom Cruise phobia but there’s no denying his role interpretations always lifts a film and makes it awesome.

Anyways, straying again, Crowes rough singing was still apt to his character, and you could tell the others (Jackman, Hathaway) put more feeling than song technique in and that’s actually one of the things that made it so enjoyable. I have never heard a more provoking, more heart wrenching and tissue-mandatory performance of I dreamed a dream than Hathaway’s. Redmayne’s gripping grief of not only revolutionary peers, but good friends, had me crying buckets. All in all I’ve never cried so much at the cinema, I came out of there completely drained! And Hathaway. I knew what she could do. But I still take my hat off to her for this. Oscar, or I’m gonna beat someone up!

I was alone in one reaction. The whole theatre was so quiet and concentrated, as Tuss said: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a theatre in quiet aw like that.” that my shrieking “Noooooo!!” when a piano got crushed really got noticed 😉

So, I recommendz! It inspired me to go home and record a rough, ugly demo, the song I wrote for grandpa, Reason, and it actually ended up a bit on the musical side. Most harmonies and main song, and piano, recorded in one take each.




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