Boys will NOT be boys!

Swedish press and facebook have been all over the news that Swedish Snowboard team member Kevin Bäckström has gotten kicked off the team for his misogynous posts on women, both on his blog and his instagram and other social networks.

While I believe in warnings, he had recieved several, and is still painting himself up as the victim. “The girls WANT me to post these photos, what am I supposed to do?”

When you’re only twenty, differentiating between right and wrong is not as easy as it may seem. It takes you a bloody good time, past your mid-twenties, to even start picking up all the social signals and the manners in which you can act with good conciense. But fact remains. If your values are healthy, you don’t post these things in the first place, even if the girls sending them to you have unhealthy values. And being told time and time again from your employers: “We won’t stand for this, it’s not right, if you continue, we’re considering letting you go. We can’t have this in our project/workplace/presentation.” SHOULD at least make you think twice. Maybe this is wrong, at least in this medium, and I value my job. And my mama did raise me right. And this is why it may be wrong. Every human, boy or girl, young or old, has the ability to reflect in situations like this. And he wouldn’t, and he still wont.

The point with feminism is, contrary to popular beliefs about manhating, that we are all people. That guys aren’t idiots who think with their dicks and are smart enough to know girls are not objects. That they have the self control not to rape if a girl is wearing a short skirt and that they won’t humiliate her even if she’s “asking for it”. If an idiot steps up, boy or girl, thinking otherwise they need to know it’s not OK.

And honestly? With all the hatred bubbling towards women right now, with all the IM’s, comments and posts that have become socially acceptable, fight fire with fire is probably the way to go as of right now, in the beginning. Because it has gone too far, and only a proper slap in the face will wake the public.

I’ll end this post with a quote I’m using and abusing right now: Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.


Ridoncolously tiny

We use computers a lot in music. Even when we record by analouge tape we still need to convert it at one point or another to digital to promote and put the music out there. But as an analouge fan I must admit, the equipment is rather big and heavy. And some slight adjustments to size and weight would make things more effective. This 8 gb flashdrive I got today scares me though. When it comes to tiny things like chiuauas and newborn babies I have a fear of losing them in the couch somewhere or even worse: sitting on them and crushing them. So this flashdrive is pure panic!!



On my Palette, some behind the scenes secrets!

Waiting for the video, I can give you some of my personal work secrets! All songwriters have a certain palette, an array of words that work lyrically, that symbolize something else. And here’s part of mine!

Sword: a fallic symbol. The symbol of the male.

Rose: One of the flowers that most symbolize woman, probably because of the red, the petals forming an intricate system, and flowers in general attributed to woman.

Fish; a christian symbol. Sometimes combined with other parts of the palette. Do think of that when you listen to Bloody Mary and: “I’m sorry, swordfish doesn’t fly with me”

Cup: also a female symbol. With the shape and the filling up.

Broken Wings: Things you have working for you, even if they are not complete. You find a way to make them complete yourself. Bohm style 😉

Pod: Symbol of people coming from the same pod, doing the same things, copies and clones, found among others in Pod People.

The emperor with no clothes: Oooooh, mr C. Andersen, you’ve given me so much here! The ideal of being the little child who speaks up when something’s wrong, as nobody else does, and the wrong is so obvious!

Sandbox, tiny box; Childishness in the bad way running your life. Keeping the bad parts of childhood; bullying, conformity.

Horses: as a child, the girliest girls where the girls who enjoyed horses, and I felt I could never compete with them in girliness. So they still represent that. The girls I am sooo not like. And today, maybe a little proud of it 😉

Some freebees among others I’m serving you, feel free to imitate and improve, after all; good artists borrow. Great artists steal 😉

An important message.

This link is from fellow blogger Blondinbella. She blogs about fashion and is in general, not my cup of tea, I’m sure you can imagine. But reading this text about the hatred and threats she has been recieving makes me sick to my stomach, and something must be done.

So I’m sharing as much as I can. There is a recap in English below the Swedish text, for you non-Swedish speaking readers. We must all be aware of what happens, and not accept this.

I promise you it’s a both shocking and awful, but mandatory read for all of you.

Rough work, Les Miserables

Went to see Le Miserables yesterday with Tuss, a big fan of the musical. You knew something was gonna happen when she grabbed your knee, and it got your adrenaline flowing. How tiny was Eponine’s waist? :O It was brilliant. I mainly went to see it to enjoy a musical without autotune, and where the actors sing while filming, an old school concept lost on the likes of Across The Universe, Rock of Ages and Moulin Rouge. I used to love Moulin Rouge before I got that autotune ear, now it sounds pretty horrible.

Sure, Russel Crowe sang through his nose and throat, horrible singing technique and he was the absolute worst of them all, but it still sounds better than autotune!

Pity really on Rock of Ages, Tom Cruise had taken months and months of proper singing lessons and could belt it out more than Bruce Dickinson (who is good, no matter what I think of Maiden), and you could tell he had researched how an aging glam rocker moves, walks and talks. The autotune really messed it up, it was a brilliant performance. I have a Tom Cruise phobia but there’s no denying his role interpretations always lifts a film and makes it awesome.

Anyways, straying again, Crowes rough singing was still apt to his character, and you could tell the others (Jackman, Hathaway) put more feeling than song technique in and that’s actually one of the things that made it so enjoyable. I have never heard a more provoking, more heart wrenching and tissue-mandatory performance of I dreamed a dream than Hathaway’s. Redmayne’s gripping grief of not only revolutionary peers, but good friends, had me crying buckets. All in all I’ve never cried so much at the cinema, I came out of there completely drained! And Hathaway. I knew what she could do. But I still take my hat off to her for this. Oscar, or I’m gonna beat someone up!

I was alone in one reaction. The whole theatre was so quiet and concentrated, as Tuss said: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a theatre in quiet aw like that.” that my shrieking “Noooooo!!” when a piano got crushed really got noticed 😉

So, I recommendz! It inspired me to go home and record a rough, ugly demo, the song I wrote for grandpa, Reason, and it actually ended up a bit on the musical side. Most harmonies and main song, and piano, recorded in one take each.