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Milk Carton

Milk Carton

(Click on the headline to hear the song)

This is a particularly important song for me creatively, as it’s one of the few I’ve done with a ficitional story to it. An abused woman flees her husband, who is probably pretty powerful, and drives cross-state with her unborn baby to get away. The bright dub of the chorus is actually the baby talking, which you can hear as it starts whispering and finally stops singing at “I won’t be” in the end.

I heard J.K. Rowling had trouble killing off Dumbledore when she wrote Harry Potter, and had to take lots of breaks in writing as it was very emotional. I did have my moments. I really started to root for this woman, as she was strong, decisive, and she had finally gotten away and had those at ease moments, even on the run, eating at diners and sleeping in motels.

But the song is called Milk Carton for a reason, the story had already laid itself out for me long before the song was written down, and the song itself is circular. It starts off with her already lying bleeding on the bed, so it can’t very well have a happy ending. The thing about circular songs is once you start writing them, you can’t really change them as they start off with the ending. I took a break before recording the end. So she could be safe and alive for a few more hours. I had to give her that, seeing as I gave the woman such a tragic story.

Anyways, at a time when I was between equipment but still felt the need to record, this song became a capella, and one of the few ones I’ve actually done without instruments. I learned that I could use my voice for a lot at that time, and that I’d never be pop queen because my expression of what was going on in my head just wasn’t cut that way.

So… important song! I’ll have a look and see if I can squeeze it in as a bonus track on one of my releases.


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