Let me be your guide…

Well, ok then. What you get with me as a history guide are stories about poop and cannibalism, apparently. There’s a lot to be said about poop in history. And the kids love it. Cannibalism only became a hot topic today. What’s that? Cannibalism is inappropriate to talk about with nine-year-olds? Bah, I laugh at your ethics! They brought it up, honestly. We were looking at the wild boars and one kid mentioned we should feed them bacon. I told them most mammals are ill equipped to eat their own species. Mad cow disease being an excellent example. And if you’re hungry for long pick (human flesh) you’ll develop a version of Creutzfeldt Jacob’s syndrome which basically eats away at your brain. Now I’ve scared the kids away from taking a bite out of their friends. I’d say that’s a good thing.

Forgive me for derailing from creativity and music which is what this blog is usually about. But I think it’s an important point to make so you don’t start eating your friends, It’s a very bad idea.



Working less, playing more

I’ve cut back so much on work I’m really just making ends meet but at this point and time it’s pretty perfect. I’ve noticed that the pets actually like it when I’m home more, they eat better, sleep better and just seem all around happier. Plus I play them lots of music and you bet my pets would be music lovers.

Today I was able to spend two hours on a sound on one of my tracks, and I don’t remember the last time I had two hours to spare on just one sound to make it perfect. It feels good. And I also feel like my “kill them darlings” way of working benefits from me being home a lot. Sure, I spent one hour playing this instrument, but I don’t like it, and I’m taking it away and I’m not like “ooooh, but I just spent a whole hour doing this!” Also, since I don’t work a whole lot I can do the work I do very well. I’ve gotten lots of compliments the last few days on my skills with kids, because I am so much more patient when I’m not stressed out. I know I can’t do it forever (like if I want to save up for a new instrument later on which I surely will, I’m gonna have to work more) but I am loving doing it right now. And let’s face it, music is work, so it’s not like I’m slacking off.

Here’s me and Lennox having a bit of a morning chilling session. I scratched him, he gave me degu kisses and overall = good morning. Notice we both have cool gangsta faces because that’s how we do.




Hoffen´ coughin´

Wow. A year of first. Pneumonia. Now strep throat. Lovely! I’ve had the strep throat for about a week so it’s slowly giving in at the moment. Still some weird breathing but it’s easing up. So I tried recording some vocals, I mean, just trying, no harm if I quit the second it hurts. Turns out that despite my respiratory sounds almost prompting me to call an exorcist (hisss, gurgle, gurgle) I can still use my vocal range and hold the pitch. Nice. And good to know, don’t be afraid to try it out once you feel somewhat rested!

I’ll leave you with this very naughty pattern my two big pets (Rufus and Lenka) left on a towel. They really did manage to make the edges pretty straight, I am in awe!


New ways of recording

I always try different methods and ways of recording for each album. In studio, out of studio, outside, inside, building studio walls at home and building studios on the go, using only female musicians… etc.

This one works of course a lot more with sampling, both when it comes to instruments and effects. I’ve told you that. But this time I also kill darlings all over. Huh you say? Well, I basically try out a hundred different things throughout the song, and then I strip them off, bit by bit til I’m satisfied. I’ve put choir on the whole 3-4 minutes of song, and then just cut out a lot of it til the parts where I really want it has the choir I like. It does weave a bit more of a red thread throughout the song, and let’s face it, song productions are a process of threads coming together, a tapestry if you will (copyright Carole King). It’s good to have a thread or two that really doesn’t zigzag too much. It makes it easier to put the whole thing together.

Is this method time consuming? Why, yes, but I like it. It’s absolutely perfect for this album. Also, I’ve tried out different mics and settings to let my voice come through more and sound more like my live performances, which people currently say show off my voice better. I think live is always going to give you a more or less better idea of my capabilities, but less is good.



I’m just silly enough to let inspiration hit when I have one of my busiest work weeks this summer, which in practicality means no sleep. But one of my best piano pieces for the new album (which is closing in on the finish line for the curious one) needs mixing so here I am. Sleep and me will meet sometime next week, I’m not worried.

I don’t have a lot of pics since I tend to go deep when in inspiration mode which means no time for selfies or photos of any kind, but I will leave you with my semicolon ring in support of mental illness everywhere, because, let’s face it, always needed.


Some downright Shakespearean pics.

Here are some pics from my performance as the super-wicked (not the good wicked kind) Gråsida. To make it incredibly obvious, I not only have the darkest clothing but the blackest hair and make up too.

And the kids really shouted at me how mean I was and applauded when I got captured, hight praise for my villain interpretation indeed.

I probably blatantly stole a lot from the Marvel-version of Loki . The Loki of the original myth does not feel unfairly treated, his genes (giants hate asgardians) just get the best of him. And in the words of Tom Hiddleston on film Loki, and as you can see in one of the pics, (I’m screaming so loud I’m forcing the poor guy down) I just want some bitches to kneel…


Much ado about something

It’s been a busy few weeks. When I’m not mixing I’m once again part of Theatre week in Skaraborg. This time it’s familiar grounds. I got wind of the fact that this time, the show would be set in Ekehagen (my work place, yes) and it was gonna be Shakespeare again. Much ado about nothing. But set in the stone age. Well, I love Shakespeare and I know my way around Ekehagen so heck yes. As soon as I said I was interested I got clear directives. “Here’s your script, you’re the Bad Gal with a capital B”. And once again; HECK YES! Being bad, you really get to play around with… pretty much everything.

The gender roles are completely switched (sort of illustrating a point too, because the men are quite annoying and weak), and I play the role that Don Jon had in the original. Good warrior, but jealous, hateful and narcissistic. I carry the biggest, heaviest warrior weapons (making up for something, I’m sure) and I’m a master manipulator.

Another fun aspect of the job is I get to play advisor since I actually work there, so when someone wants to know something about the stone age to get deeper into character they come to me.

In the pic below, I’m in full get-up, and I scared a kid like that. Not on purpose. He decided to sneak backstage and as he did, I appeared from the back room in the gear you see below for the first scene. I don’t know who was more surprised, the kid, or me hearing that unexpected scream…




Working on some live performance loop backgrounds as we speak. Sweden has decided to try on summer once again and yes, I take small walks, but my work ethics are more due to circumstances.

See, I’ve contracted my very first pneumonia, and it’s a strange version of it indeed. I don’t cough, no fever to speak of except for the first few days when I had a bit of a temperature (but not brag worthy)… but my air pipes decided to cramp up! Since I’ve never suffered from asthma or anything like it it caught me and my local GP by surprise. I had to do the works, breathe into a funky machine and get my very first inhaler to take home with me! I just stared at it: “Wow, I’m every cliché nerd in every bad 80’s and 90’s movie out there”.

Yes it helped and yes I’m getting better but my adventures right now are very teeny tiny. Maybe following Sanna out to attend local hangouts in Gothenburg the West Pride Weekend was too much excitement and my body just went; hey, there, small town girl, what the hell do you think you’re doing? Nah, I know.

Still, it’s been a weird few days with the inhaler.

More to come on the loop-the-looping process! 🙂